We offer 2 types of courses:

  • Performance courses for 7th grade

7th grade is when a student first encounters Chemistry. It’s crucial that in this moment they are guided in order to learn the most effective methods for understanding and digesting this subject and for solving problems.

Together with Sara, Bianca, and Alexandra, students will shape their passion for Chemistry, solving problems and preparing for future Olympiads and contests. The mentor will be ready to answer the pupils’ questions and help them clarify anything that is needed.

  • Performance courses for 8th grade

These classes are suited for 8th graders who want to study Chemistry at an advanced level and who want to participate in Olympiads and contests.

Together with Aruna and Sara, the students will go through both the theory necessary to achieve good results in school competitions, as well as problems that will engage their curiosity. Students will be able to take part in a continued dialogue with their instructor, who will gladly respond to any question.

The courses will take place on the Google Meets platform, and the link will be shared on the course’s WhatsApp group.


SATURDAY, between 10 and 12 PM, for both 7th and 8th graders.

You can find out more about the Chemistry team on the About us page.